Shrink cloud costs for really big data

Granica Crunch is the world’s only data lake compression service. It helps data teams significantly improve their cloud data lake storage efficiency to shrink costs by up to 80%, each and every month.

Shrink data lake storage costs

Lower your unit economics to store data by efficiently compressing training data files and optimizing data lifecycle policies, translating to over $1.3M in annual savings per 10 petabytes.

Shrink data lake replication costs

Slash cross-region data transfer cost and time by up to 80% by efficiently compressing files and objects over the wire.

Only pay when you save

Pay us a small % of realized savings and apply the majority directly to the bottom line and/or bring more training data, compute or other resources to improve AI outcomes.

Harness data lake efficiency for AI ROI

Granica Crunch optimizes cloud data lake storage costs via advanced compression algorithms which persist data as efficiently as possible, paired with real-time decompression upon access. Monthly savings are yours to use as you wish, whether for investing in strategic AI initiatives or simply applying straight to the bottom line. Crunch is optimized for multi-modal training files and other high volume data sets.
Savings from Granica Crunch
Shrink data lake at-rest costs up to 80%Losslessly compress petabyte-scale training data sets in your cloud data lake buckets, and maintain fast read access.
Shrink data lake replication costs up to 80%Losslessly compress and replicate files across regions for efficient compliance, recovery, and analytics uses.
Shrink data lake ops costs up to 90%Intelligently batch and cache data access operations to minimize the number of paid GETs and PUTs for read and write-intensive applications.
Pay only when you savePay Granica a percentage of your actual savings - if no savings then no bill. Move fast by eliminating financial risk.
Data types supported
Clickstream, Logs, LiDAR, Image, and moreGranica supports a wide range of data types for AI/ML/analytics, with lossy and fully lossless compression variants.
We can further customize for your specific use case.





Flatten your cloud cost curve

Reduce your unit economics cost to store data while avoiding the performance, availability, and highly variable read cost penalties associated with tiering and archival. Capture recurring savings relative to your native baseline each and every month, not just one-time. 10 petabytes of data typically translates into >$1.3M per year of cash savings, scaling as your data grows.
  • Lower your storage unit economics.
  • Capture recurring savings each month.
  • Get >$1.3M annual savings per 10 PB (typically).

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Granica Crunch reduces training data-related storage and access costs typically by 25-60% depending on your file types and access patterns. If you’re storing 10 petabytes of training data in your cloud data lake that translates into >$1.3M per year (growing as your data grows) assuming a 50% compression rate.

Save. Re-allocate. Accelerate.

Harness the inefficiency in petabyte-scale training data to fund the capture and use of more data to build more accurate models.