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The Granica AI Efficiency Platform reduces the cost to store and access data, while preserving its privacy to unlock it for training. Granica is developer-first, petabyte-scale, and AWS/GCP-native.
Trusted by category-defining companies
100M+GCP objects processed dailyQuantum Metric
50%Reduction in S3 data costsHere Technologies
10xReduction in S3 API costsNylas
Millionsin $ saved
PetabytesVolumes processed
BillionsObjects processed

Efficiency is a new layer in the AI stack

Granica makes AI pipelines more efficient, privacy preserving, and more performant.

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Free up money

Reduce S3/GCS costs by up to 80%

Byte-Granular Data Reduction uses novel compression algorithms, cutting costs to store and transfer objects in Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage by up to 80% and API costs by up to 90%.
1# Put and Get an object in a bucket
3import granica as g3
5s3_client = g3.client('s3')
7put_resp = s3_client.put_object(Bucket='cyberdust', Key='laser-cannon', Body=str("00110001-00110001-00110000-00110101").encode())
9get_resp = s3_client.get_object(Bucket='cyberdust', Key='laser-cannon')
Estimate your savings, fast.Estimate in 30 mins in your cloud environment, on a read-only sample of your S3/GCS data.
Pay only when you save. Risk free.No need for budget allocation or total cost of ownership analysis.
Your data never leaves your environment.Granica deploys into your environment and VPC, respecting all of your security policies.
Seamless integration with your apps.
Data types supported
Image, LiDAR, Clickstream, Logs, and moreGranica supports a wide range of data types for AI/ML/analytics, with lossy and fully lossless compression variants.
We can further customize for your specific use case.





Safeguard your data

10x more efficient than legacy DLP

Byte-Precise Detection delivers both high precision and high recall detection of PII and custom sensitive data in Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage, at 1/10th the traditional scanning cost.
Safeguard data at-rest and in-motion.Detect and protect sensitive data even before it is persisted into your cloud object store, increasing your data security posture and mitigating breach risk.
Your data never leaves your environment.Granica runs where your data lives, keeping your sensitive information secure at all times.
Unlock more data. Train better models.Safely leverage files containing secured and de-identified data in downstream model training, analytics and other applications.
Pay only when sensitive data is detected.No need to limit scanning to small samples. Cost-effectively scan all data at rest, with no application integration required, for maximum data privacy.

Deploy one platform. Get many services

Security and scale that just works

Trusted by industry pioneers, Granica provides the simplicity that developers and enterprise-grade AI/ML/analytical applications demand.
100PB+ Scale
SOC 2 Type 2
Runs in your VPC
One platform. One API. Many services.The Granica platform API exposes efficiency services such as Crunch and Screen. It is S3/GCS-compatible, requiring at most a simple change to the endpoint in your applications.
Your data never leaves your environment.Granica deploys into your VPC, co-resident with your data. Only our platform telemetry is shared in order to provide you with pro-active support.
Deep S3/GCS observability.Granica provides rich, granular insight into how your data is stored and accessed - and how to make it more efficient.
Auto Scaling to 100PB+.Granica efficiently and autonomously scales from 0 to N to meet the capacity and throughput demands of your workloads across zones, regions, and clouds.
Only pay for outcomes. Not consumption.Each of Granica’s services employ outcome-based pricing models – we only charge when we’ve delivered value.


Fundamental research is in our DNA

Granica is an information and computer science company working on the hardest problems in data today.
“Fundamental research is at the core of what we do at Granica and we've combined that with our team's systems engineering expertise to build a platform that drives information density and efficiency, at cloud scale.”

Andrea Montanari

Chief Scientist at Granica

Save. Safeguard.

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